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Mansions is a name that we truly believe in here at PropertyOfZack, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to be posting our track-by-track of Dig Up The Dead today. Chris was kind enough to detail each song on the record, and he did a great job. Dig Up The Dead is out today, so make sure you buy it or at least give it a spin. Check out the meaning behind each of the ten songs below!

Dig Up The Dead
This was the last song written for the album, and it is probably my favorite. I don’t want to get too specific, but generally it’s about writing and playing music. It took me a little bit to figure out how to arrange this one, I didn’t want it to be just acoustic, but it didn’t feel like a full-band rock song either. The version on the record is the first version I recorded, which felt good, and the roomy vocals sound like our old apartment in North Carolina.

Blackest Sky
This one’s about getting older. I got really into the idea of having bass and drums stay pretty constistent throughout a song with just guitar and keyboard making the changes, and I think it worked pretty well. The instrumental bridge is probably the first “riff” I’ve ever written, and it surprised me when I wrote it. It made me feel cool for a minute haha. Did some fun knob twiddling with a delay pedal on the piano and the vocals, and the vocals are also going through a RAT distortion pedal. For whatever reason I got really into distorted vocals on this record, maybe as a crutch, but mostly just cause I think it sounds cool. My buddy Bryan played bass on this and came up with those cool fills in the choruses.

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